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Here is some general, background information about ourselves and our dogs.

We are based in Staffordshire, UK.

 Our dogs are considered an important part of our family. We love, then show, then breed - in that order! We are not a business and do not make a profit from any litters we have. We keep dogs for our own pleasure, for companionship, showing and working. Our dogs are important members of our family that are all loved equally, and in short, if there was no such thing as showing and breeding, we would still have them all! We occasionally breed to continue our hobby, showing the dogs and continuing our bloodline. Whilst doing this we aim to help improve the breed or maintain the breed by breeding to the kennel club standard, using health checks and quality dogs with excellent temperaments.

No expense is spared when raising our pups, they are fed on a natural diet, on which they all thrive, they are wormed correctly and up to date. We aim to breed happy, outgoing, healthy loving dogs, so we spend a lot of time on early socialisation.

Our dogs are raised in the country with cats, other dogs, sheep, horses and our young family, currently aged  9 years, 8 years and 3 years. The dogs are kept inside the house, and outside, in various runs, grass or stabling. Our pups are mainly raised in our house, but as they get older we like to give them as many experiences as possible so they will be equipped to cope in their new environments, so have play pens and supervised play time outside and in stabling. We have kept in touch with the people who have had a pup from us, and we offer advice and help for life (this is not a hollow gesture, we are happy to give you detailed help, with any training and behavioural problems you have with your dog at any age), we not only will take a pup/dog back that we have bred at any point in it's life if your circumstances change, but in fact, we insist you bring the pup back to us so we can assess the pup/dog and find the correct new home for him/her so the dog is not passed on again. We feel very responsible for the pups and will always take responsibility for them. We we do this for the love of the breed and not money  (if you do it properly there is no money in having a litter)- as I previously mentioned the pups we home are are result of us having a litter for a pup ourselves and selling them is not the reason for having them!

We provide a 5 generation pedigree, 6 weeks free insurance and a comprehensive pup pack, which includes history of the breed, health, housing care and exercise advice, and the diet of the pup. We also provide pup food. 

My husbands parents bred dogs, and my parents bred and or worked dogs whilst we were growing up, so between us we have had a lot of experience, with different breeds, including bullmastiffs, labradors, dobermanns, staffordshire bull terriers, german shepherds, jack russell terriers, and Irish Wolfhounds. It is important to us that our bloodline are capable of carrying out their original jobs for health and temperament reasons, but it is also important to us that they will make exceptional pets, and look the way they should according to the breed standard - but a VERY strong belief we have is if the dog can't do the job it was intended for (due to health, temperament or poor conformation) it should not be bred from just for looks.

We aim for our bloodline to be as close to the breed standard as possible and aim for sizeable dogs with substance, with steady reliable temperaments and althleticism - a good bullmastiff, for example, we think should be able to live in a home with young children and other dogs, do well at shows and be an excellent night watch dog.

Home Time

Richard - pictured with Siren winning PGB at Malvern

Richard has a BSc degree in Sports Psychology, his first passion is rugby. You may ask what this has to do with dogs?!!!! Well, in order to keep fit for rugby Rich does lots of running, which means the dogs benefit from lots of exercise of this type. The dogs love the exercise and bond very closely with the person running with them, and of course it keeps them very fit.

Richard has grown up with dogs, mainly labradors, collies and mixed breeds. He has grown up with litters being born around him, and living with dogs as members of the family, as a way of life. He now has a lot of experience with bullmastiffs, staffs, german shephers and dobermanns too.

Rich usually is the one that handles the dogs at all the shows (because I'm either pregnant or have children attached to me!) and his success in a relatively short space of time with different dogs is a credit to his ability to treating each dog individually, and knowing how to deal with each one, in what are very unusual circumstances to the dogs, who are used to a very quiet, rural way of life. Rich's calm, reliable, strong manner is what the dogs depend on at these times.

During whelping there can be some hair raising moments, and again Richard has had lots of experience with dealing with these calmly, and also plays his part in early socialisation and raising the pups.

Pictured with Siren winning PGB at Malvern and qualifying for Crufts 2007.

Kate - pictured with Hector as a pup

Kate has a BSc (HONS) degree in Behavioural Sciences, and is currently working towards her second degree in Canine Behaviour and Training. Kate's job is to take care of the general day to day care of the dogs and pups, including, training, socialising, feeding, cleaning, and exercise. We like to run our dogs loose together as a little pack, 3 times a day so it is imperative, daily to weigh up the relationships of the dogs in the pack to avoid trouble. A dog coming in season, mixed with maturing pups shuffling to find their place has to be spotted and dealt with accordingly on each walk, every day to ensure harmony is retained! Kate also trains the pups and dogs individually, so it is possible to run them loose together, take them to champ shows, and bring up balanced dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs in a way natural to them.

Whelping is usually a joint effort with Rich, but the 'all night watches' on the litters for the first 3/4 weeks is one of Kate's responsibilities, and around the clock care for any weak pup etc. Kate is very proud of keeping 5 bullmastiff pups alive by tube feeding, then to bottle feeding every half hour, due to an inexperienced, over zealous mum licking them too much and causing infections in their cords so they had to be removed from mum, and hand raised at 2 days old. The pups all grew very strong and survived.

Socialising the pups with the family and other dogs is something that is very important to Kate, and she works hard to ensure the pups are fully prepared for their new homes, with as many experiences as possible.

If general advice is needed on the right breed for your family etc, or help after having one of our pups is needed Kate provides the support in this area, usually through email as our phone line is useless and we have no signal on our mobiles at home!

Pictured with Hector as a baby!


We are happy to answer as many questions you have and give all the advice etc above, but please expect to be throughly vetted before being considered for one of our puppies. Even people with the best intentions promise they will socialise and train a pup, if they don't, and the dog comes back to us it is heartbreaking to see a dog ruined or never reach it's potential. Therefore please don't not be offended with how strict we are about homing our pups they are very important to us and we want only the best for them.

Blos 2 years and Danny 6 years











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