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Dogs We Have Bred

Thank you everyone that has given our pups a loving, happy home, here are some of the pups we have bred,  in their new homes, if you would like to add yours pls email us a photo, also if owners would like to add or remove anything or update your photo as your pup matures pls just drop me an email.

Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins aka Big Al, owned by us

Big Al is from Ferdhu Just James (Nico) owned by Duncan Ferguson and Bullmeredith Guess Who (Blossom) owned by us. He was named by our children after my Grandad. He won our hearts over when he was just a few weeks old he is a very gentle boy and we are very pleased with how he is growing so far (only 9/10 months in this photo).

Al has been to a couple of shows this year and got best pup dog at Driffield Champ Show (from MPD class) and qualified for Crufts. We are very excited about his future in the show ring but most importantly it is wonderful to have him around. He loves our boys and vice versa.

Al is litter brother to Jody aka Bullmeredith Hope and Glory (owned by us), Dee aka Bullmeredith Amazing Grace (owned by Debby & Marijn from The Nightshift's Bullmastiffs, Netherlands), Vito aka Bullmeredith The Godfather (owned by Anna, Julia and Antonio D'Aslaya Bullmastiffs, Spain),  Urho aka Bullmeredith Flash Gordon (owned by Iida in Finland) and Grace aka Bullmeredith As Good As Gold (owned by Duncan Ferguson at Ferdhu Bullmastiffs). Their date of birth is 31.12.10.

So far Al has won Best Puppy Dog at Driffield 2011 and The Bullmastiff Association, qualified for Crufts 2012 and 2013 and qualified for The Bullmastiff of the Year Event 2011, with only minimla outings.

Bullmeredith Vega aka Sky owned by us

 Sky is approximately 18 months old on this photo 














Sky is a lot of fun! She is very cuddly and gentle with our kids but extremely lively and full of life!

Bullmeredith Flash Gordon aka Urho owned by Iida, Finland













DOB 31.12.10

Litter brother to Al, Jody, Vito, Dee, Grace. Sire Ferdhu Just James Dam Bullmeredith Guess Who, a gorgeous boy who is loved to bits and leads a wonderful active and varied lifestyle - THANK YOU IIDA!!

Bullmeredith Honour (Irisha) owned by L. Khanykova (Lyudzhen)

This is Irisha, at a young age. She now lives in Russia with Mrs L. Khanykova of the Lyudzhen Kennels.Irisha has just began her show career and it has started very well!

Well done Lyudmila for your achievements so far, and thank you for welcoming Irisha in to your family. We look forward to following her show career.Thank you also to Marina for communicating between us and sending lots of photos and updates - we are very grateful.


Irisha is from Hector (Bunsoro Moonstar of Bullmeredith) X Siren (Vondabull Siren Lady of Bullmeredith).


Mum of a fantastic litter (incl Junior World Winner 2012)



Bullmeredith Guess Who aka Blossom owned by us! RIP

Blossom is our pride and joy! She is out of Hector and Siren, and is a very fun part of our family. She is very loyal, very lively, fun to be around, and gentle with our kids.

In this picture Blossom is just 2 years, we believe she is developing in to a very lovely bitch, she is very capable physically and very quick to learn.

She has had a fabulous start to her show career. She has her mum's lovely, easy, flowing movement. We think she is beautiful, so strong and powerful, yet still feminine and pretty, there is no mistaking she is a girl!

To date, Blossom has won 1CC, 2RESCC, 1 BEST PUP, BIS at the British Bullmastiff League Open 2010 and too many first class places to mention and has been awarded a stud book number and therefore Crufts Qualified for life.

Blossom is litter sister to George, Leland and Hippu, Ruby and Pottu, pictured on this page.

Blossom won BEST BITCH PUP at CRUFTS 2009!!!!!!!!!!

AND 2nd in her class at Crufts 2010!!!!!!!!!!!! and currently has 1CC &  2 RESCC.

Our son, Tane aged 2 and Blossom



 A pleasure to live with! These two are the best of friends and look for each other when out of sight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullmeredith Great Bear aka Tiger owned by Emma & Family

This photo is of a young Tiger aged approx 13 months, he is a very similar type to Blossom he is litter brother to Bullmeredith Vega, pictured above and is a spoilt rotten by his lovely family, thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullmeredith The Godfather aka Vito at D'Aslaya Bullmastiffs

Vito! Blossom's first born pup, we knew he would be special! He is 11 months old on this photo and is very lucky to be owned by Anna, Julia and Antonio in Spain. Thanks so much to Anna for all the show and growth updates love to see him, he gets more handsome every day.

He has really settled in at your place and always looks full of life and happy on the photos you send - many thanks!


 Vito's father is Ferdhu Just James and he is litter brother to our Big Al and Jody, his other litter mates are Duncan's Grace, The Nightshift's Dee and Iida's Urho.                                Their date of birth is 31.12.2010.

Bullmeredith Mr Potato Head aka Pottu lives with Paula in Finland

Pottu is under 8 months on this photo, he lives with Paula in Finland and will be shown in the near future.

He is a stunning boy, we can't wait to see how he develops.

Pottu is litter brother to Blossom, Leland, George & Hippu (pictured above and below).

Nina from Bullbugbear Bullmastiffs has kept us updated about Pottu. Thank you Nina for your help, and thank you Paula for giving Pottu a great life, and welcoming him in to your family.

It looks as though he is well off for bone, with a very strong, deep chest - just like his dad - Hector.


Pottu 19 months (3 CAC's & 2 CACIB's)

Handsome Pottu










 Well done Paula, we are all so proud of your achievements with the finest potato in town! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Fit Pottu

Bullmeredith Hungry Hippo aka George owned by Us

George aged 2 years.


George at 11 months old got Reserve in Special Puppy Dog.

The judge was A. Rostron (Graecia).

George with Rich & our boys.

He is litter brother to Blossom, Pottu, Leland and Hippu.

Already George is a very large, strong dog and is maturing very nicely in to a very handsome dog.

George got RESERVE in PUPPY DOG at CRUFTS 2009!! He is also a proven sire :0)

George just turned 2 yrs with sister Blossom

Gentle George, top size but so careful and kind with our boys and around pups - a big lovable teddy bear!

Bullmeredith Kaleidoscope aka Ruby owned by Mr I Bruce

This photo is of Ruby at 3 years, she was a stunning 8 weeks old pup, and I personally think she is still just as stunning! Thanks so much to Ian & Victoria for giving her a great quality of life and looking after her so well. Ruby is from Hector and Siren and is litter sister to Blossom, Pottu, George, Leyland & Hippu all pictured here.

 She is beautiful and from what we hear a real character, who commands attention wherever she goes!!!!!!

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