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In Memory

Hera (Lady of Carita of Bullmeredith) aka Peanut, The Nut and Peanuttington the 3rd.

Hera has a special place in my heart! She was Zeus' 'wife' and together they acted as an old married couple. After we brought Zeus in to our lives we took Hera on to be a companion for him and she just confirmed what we already suspected from having Zeus - that bullmastiffs are a wonderful breed, and that we will never be without one again.

Hera would protect us with her life, and would mother a litter of kittens (she has actually done that!), we will be lost without her, we have been through a lot together - including her throwing up on my wedding dress a week before we got married, and being heavily pregnant together giving each other sympathy for our discomfort!!!! Hera had one litter of 5 pups, she was a wonderful mum. She will be remembered for her mothering of anything that came near her, and for being a very spirited, strong character with lots of love and loyalty to give. Miss you so much Hera.

DOB 10.03.01



Hector too much of a shock to write anything here yet, we miss you terribly Big Man











 Died 1st April 2010


Sid we lost Sid December 2009, a little dog, with a BIG character.

He will be missed by all of our family, he was 15 years old, but still a lively, playful dog that we will never forget.







Summer 2009 with Morgan. RIP Sid.x


Zeus is the reason for our Bullmastiff Obsession! You can not own a dog like him and not want more! He was so friendly, full of life and happy, but loved a good long snooze too! He also was a big dog, with impressive agility. The most affectionate, loving and chilled out big guy you could ever meet!

DOB 02.12.2000

Hips 6/6

Eye Tested and Clear

DNA Profiled

Colour - Fawn, Bloodlines - Graecia/Rodekes.

Zeus has sired one litter with Hera, from this litter one of the bitches (Bullmeredith Artemis Moon) was mated to CH Bunsoro Bymesen, by her owners, and the resulting litter (of one male!) is now being shown at championship level. Pictured above with Bullmeredith Zeus Mimime aka English (Zeus X Hera) at 6 weeks old.

We lost Zeus suddenly during the Christmas break 2008, he will be sadly missed by all of us forever. His gentleness is what we will remember him most for.


This is Zeus all over!

Danny is not even 2 years old in this photo and Zeus is sniffing a dandelion for him, so Danny can pretend it made him sneeze! They did this for hours!





 Miss you Zeus.x


Connor was our first dog as a couple that we had from a puppy, we bought him for a companion to Ball - above! We had no idea the impact that this dog would have on us! He was the most obedient, faithful, loyal and happy dog we could ever ask for. On top of this he taught us so much as far as dog/pack behaviour and how to communicate with our dogs and pups that followed. He has literally raised all of our pups, and kept them all in order. The thing that amazed us the most about him, was his strength as a leader to all of the dogs which was carried out with no aggression, and his gentleness and patience with the pups and our children. He commanded respect, and the pups were happy to follow. Despite this independent strength Connor still followed our leadership very eagerly, so training pups was very easy. When I was not disciplining the pups, Connor would be, and when walking out together as a little pack, he knew what we wanted, and not only never put a paw out of line, he stopped the pups from putting their paws out of line! All the time the pups copied their leader, Connor who behaved exactly how we wanted him too. Connor died March 2008, and things are very different without him, the dogs have been having a reshuffle to decide their hierachy, and currently Siren has stepped up to be leader of the pack.

We will never forget 'Boysie' and all the memories we have of him, especially when we lived in Wales for Uni and the weekends on the beach and mountains. We will always be grateful for what he has taught us and all of our dogs. He was a dog in a trillion, and remained leader until he died suddenly of a stroke a few days off his 10th birthday. The fact he was leader to the end, in old age, demonstrates the sort of dog he was, as he was leader to everyone, including 2 younger male (entire) bullmastiffs, who never challenged him for the Top Dog position, but instead respected him immensely. What a legend!


This is Ball! Yes - a ridiculous name, but here's how it came about! When Rich & I moved in to a house in Wales, when we were students - Ball was left there! She was so overweight she couldn't stand up  and had sore patches on her from lying down all the time. We did not know her name, so she became Ball because she was spherical! The only thing she really did was grunt like a pig for affection or food! A few months later we found a kennel sign in the garden with the name Roxy on it - but Ball stuck!

Ball was the first dog we owned as a couple - we made it our mission to get her fit, well and happier, so we spent a lot of time walking on the beach and mountains, when perhaps we should have been at lectures! We found some paperwork in the house for Ball which showed the previous owners had her from a rescue centre, she was 10 years old when we acquired her! This photo is her at aged 15! She lived until she was 16 and had a least 6 years of a very full and happy life. She was such a character, she had us in stitches all the time and is the reason why we fell for Staffordshires, the word loving doesn't cover it! She was so much fun too, her expression and vocal (!) range was immense and so hilarious! RIP Ball.

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