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NEWS August 2015

1st CH Dog, GS, BOB **2nd in Group**

IR CH Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo of Bullmeredith aka Gus


Massive congratulations Lisa & Seamus of Tarbhore Bullmastffs

RES GS for IR CH Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo of Tarbhore
We feel very honourd and excited that Alan & Mandy Davies at Anneddwen allowed us to have this little lady - Anneddwen Miss Bubblegum of Bullmeredith aka Gloria.

Fun times ahead!
IR CH Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo of Tarbhore 1st CH dog, Green Star, BOB
and Group 3!!
What a weekend for Tarbhore Bullmastiffs
Bullmeredith Twinkle Toes of Tarbhore (JUN CH) 1st Intermediate, Green Star Bitch RBOB

IR CH Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo of Tarbhore (JUN CH) 1st Champion Dog, Green Star Dog, BOB
Son of Fin CH Bullmeredith Flash Gordon

CACIB & BOS Finland Show - 1 away from Finnish Champion.

Well done to all concerned!

May 2015

First Irish Champion we have bred.

Ir CH Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo at Tarbore Jun Ir Ch aka Gus.

Well Done to our friends who own and love him, Lisa & Seamus.

We are so grateful for how you love and care for your dogs and to meet such good friends along the way is just awesome.

Bullmeredith Twinkle Toes at Tarhore aka Rogue also owned by Seamus & Lisa at Tarbhore Bullmastiffs. Gained her 4th Green star in Ireland, still such a baby.

Well done guys!

November 2014

A first for Bullmeredith The Fizz at Priambulls aka Esmee and Emme at the Northern (pictured from a different show).

June 2014

Finnish, Estonia, Latvija and Russia Champion Bullmeredith Flash Gordon!!!!

May 2014

Introducing Gioko Chosen of Bullmeredith aka Jake

Thank you Konstantinos Gkalitsis for this magnificent boy!

Many thanks to Paul and Cathy (Stoneglad) for bringing him home.x
''Gus'' Ir Jun Ch Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo at the Fermoy All Breed International Show  took the Reserve Green Star & Reserve Cacib under Group 2 specialist Mr P Demetriou (Cyrus) &  at the South Tipp all Breed Champ show took another Reserve Green Star under Group 2 specialist Dr A Hudono (Indonisia)

2 shows 2 RES Green Stars

April 2014

Huge well done to Emma (Priambull Bullmastiffs) and Esmee (Bullmeredith The Fizz at Priambulls) for their 1st today and Crufts qualification in PGB at the Working & Pastoral Breeds Wales Championship show. Very happy for you.
At The Combined Canine All Breed International show ''GUS'' IR JUN CH Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo ..1st Intermediate Dog graded excellent under Molosser Breed Specialist Mr J Sauer(Germany).

March 2014

Our new pup!

Bror Richie Ramage Meredith arrived.

Litter brother and sister at Crufts 2014
IR JR CH Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo of Tarbhore Yearling Dog Class
& Bullmeredith The Fizz at Priambulls Yearling Bitch Class (4th)

 January 2014

What a great way to kick 2014 off!!

''Gus'' Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo & Seamus win at Deise Canine Club Waterford Open Show..

 1st Jun dog, BOB & ****GROUP 2 WINNER****

December 2013

Gus Does It Again!
'GUS'' Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo..at the Combined Canine Club Open Show..... 1st Jun Dog, Best Male & *******BOB***********

November 2013


Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo aka Gus

Owned and loved by Seamus & Lisa

Sire Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins
Dam Bullmeredith Vega

Congratulations you deserve it and good luck with your new addition Bullmeredith Twinkle Toes aka Rogue!!
Vito aka Bullmeredith The Godfather won the CAC and BEST OF BREED in Malaga (southern Spain).The following day he got an EXCELLENT 2, CAC  and the following week Badajoz he took  2 RCAC's.

Congrats to Anna & Family & Antonio Well done!

October 2013

Well done Sky! Both of her pups in show homes from her last litter qualified for Crufts 2014. Esmee & Gus along with their Dad Big Al aka Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins will all be at Crufts 2014.

Very happy with this litter, really lovely type but especially love the great movement.

This is Bullmeredith The Fizz aka Esmee owned, loved and shown by Emma at Priambull Bullmastiffs.
This is Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo aka Gus.

Owned and loved by Lisa & Seamus, Ireland.

Pictured with his buddy Ryan here.
Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins  aka Big Al qualified for Crufts 2014 along with his son and daughter above.

August 2013

2 pups at 1 yr old Bullmeredith Dave Smash Pie &  below Bullmeredith Ramage now in France.
1 yr old Bullmeredith Ramage

July 2013

Oz on tour 11 months old
Bullmeredith Dashing Ashy
Vito's results today in Lisbon International Show exc 2nd RCAC RQC and CAC CACIB and BOB on the previous day.
Bullmeredith the Godfather Exc1º CAC at The National Show in Portugal
What a great month!
Congratulations Anna Moncusí & Antonio Donoso Gallardo
Well done to all involved :0) x
Ferdhu Just James X Bullmeredith Guess Who
Rich & Al at Green Lea First School Summer Fair raising money for Pre- School.
What a perfect boy he was - kids screaming, running, popping balloons, drunk mothers (not mentioning names) and didn't bat an eyelid. BULLMASTIFFS ARE A SPECIAL BREED :0)

May 2013

Big Al aka Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins
1st PGD at The Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show

Thanks for the photo Debbie Thomas (Heriol Bullmastiffs)

April 2013

The British Bullmastiff League Championship Show
1st PGD Al aka Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins

Photo by Rachel (Shadowguard Bullmastiffs).
2nd of Esmee aka Bullmeredith The Fizz at Priambull Bullmastiffs.

Owned and shown by Emma.

March 2013


 CRUFTS 2013 1st PGD
















Yeh! Well done Rich & Al!

August 2012

A second and an EXCELLENT for Bullmeredith Flash Gordon owned by Iida in Finland at show on 26th August.

Bullmeredith Honour at Lyudzhen owned by Lyudmila in Russia has just become an International Champion not long after becoming a mother to an incredible litter that are proving to be a real success in the show ring - well done Lyudmila congratulations. We are so happy for you.

July 2012

Lyudzhen  Vortex Strong J CH CY, J CH BG, J CH MOL,J CH IL, JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2012

Lyudmila from Lyudzen Kennel, Russia bred this boy, and his mum is Bullmeredith Honour aka Irisha owned by Lyudzhen.

British Bullmastiff League Championship Show

2nd and Crufts Qualification for Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins aka Big Al

1st JH Morgan (with Freyja) on his 8th birthday. 2nd Danny.















Freyja and Morgan

 March 2012

 Bullmeredith The Godfather aka Vito. 14 months old here owned by D'Aslaya Bullmastiffs in Spain.


Excellent 1st CCJ at Zaragoza Show - MANY CONGRATUALTIONS TO HIS OWNERS we are very proud of you Vito!                                                                     Litter brother to our Jody & Big Al.     DOB 31.12.10

January 2012

Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins has qualified for the first ever UK BULLMASTIFF OF THE YEAR EVENT IN THE PUPPY CLASS. We are so very proud of this achievement and can't wait for the show on february 11th 2012.









 This is a current picture of Big Al, he is 13 months here. He is sired by Ferdhu Just James and his dam is Bullmeredith Guess Who aka Blossom.

December 2011

The Bullmastiff Association Championship Show was a great day out, we met lots of friends and the show had a nice atmosphere. Big Al (Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins) was ResBPIS and Jody (Bullmeredith Hope and Glory) got a 2nd in Puppy Bitch, at her first Champ SHow and qualified for Crufts - yippppee! Well done pups!! We now have 4 dogs qualified for Crufts 2011 (Blossom, Brook, Al & Jody).












Al at the back and Jody front almost 12 months

October 2011

International Dog Show in Barcelona, Bullmeredith The Godfather aka Vito - Excellent and 2nd in young class. Well done to his owners in Spain, Anna, Julia and Antonio.









Looking forward to watching him grow.


The British Bullmastiff League Open Show Morgan aged 7 years handled Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins (Big Al) 10 months, they were the only competitors in their class but they deserved a 1st ha ha! Well done both!!!!!!

September 2011

The Welsh and West Open 2011 Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins (Big Al) 1st MPD

The Nightshift's Famous Free Kick of Bullmeredith (Freyja) 1st JB

Bullmeredith Guess Who (Blossom) 1st LB

Driffield Championship Show Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins (Big Al) 1st MPD and Best Puppy Dog












Big Al just turned 9 months old.

June 2011

Congratulations to Julia, Anna and Antonia from D'Aslaya Bullmastiffs in Spain, their boy Bullmeredith The Godfather aka Vito, won the Baby Class, Best Pup and 4th in Working Group 2!!!! Vito is only 5 months old! What an achievement! The show was  The Show of Castellón Spain and the Judge  was Guido Vandoni (Italy). Vito had previously won a first in the Baby Class the week before! What a great start for Vito's show career, and most importantly he is loved very much- thank you for giving him such a great home :0)

Blossom X Nico baby




DOB 31.12.10 

BMCN Championship Clubmatch

Rich showed Freyja our new addition (The Nightshift's Famous Free Kick of Bullmeredith) and also watched Bullmeredith Vega @ The Peaceful Giants (Sky) owned by Mieke and Pieter, The Nightshift's Mood Indigo (Mo), who is Freyja's mum win Bitch CAC, and finally Dee aka Bullmeredith Amazing Grace @ The Nightshift's, only 5 months old strut her stuff for the first time.


Along the way Rich stopped by to see Anita and Erwin @ Hefrings-Pride Bullmastiffs, Belgium and got to say hi to Bullmeredith Red Admiral @ Hefrings-Pride. Thank you so much for all the hospitality, what a great trip he had.....I will be going next year!! So many nice people and so many nice dogs, I think we might move there! Ha ha!


This photo was taken by Jeroen Baneman of Debby from The Nightshift's with their puppy, Bullmeredith Amazing Grace @ The Nightshift's. Dee is only 5 months old here, sister to our Al & Jody.

March 2011

CRUFTS 2011 Blossom and Brook both qualified for Crufts (Blossom is life qualified) but we didn't enter Blossom as we thought she would not be recovered from her litter, typically she looked great after the deadline to enter had gone! However, Brook made us very proud by taking 1st in Junior Bitch under breed specialist M. Rostron (Graecia). Well done Brook and Rich!!                                       















A really great day catching up with friends from all over the world. This photo was taken by Nina (Bullbugbear, Finland).

February 2011

All of the pups are in their new homes.




2 are staying here Bullmeredith Who Dares Wins aka Big Al and Bullmeredith Hope and Glory aka  Jody. Should be fun here this year Jody is a very lively girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                          

January 2011

Bullmeredith Guess Who X Ferdhu Just James pups are doing well










4 weeks old here

December 2010

Blossom's pups arrived December 31st, 7 in total, a natural birth done in 4 hours - well done Blossom! 





Thank you so much Duncan from Ferdhu Bullmastiffs for allowing your beautiful Nico (Ferdhu Just James) to father these pups.

November 2010

Blossom (Bullmeredith Guess Who) is pregnant to Ferdhu Just James
























 Very Excited!!!!!!!!!!!

October 2010

Blossom (Bullmeredith Guess Who) took RCC at the Midland Counties Championship Show

1st Limit Bitch under Andrew Brace. Blossom now has 1CC and 2 ResCC - well done Blos & Rich!!







 Aged 2 years 7 months here. 

Brook BEST PUP IN SHOW  at The British Bullmastiff League Open - well done Brook & Rich - hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








 Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith

 August 2010

1st Puppy Bitch for Brook at Welsh Kennel Club







10 months old

6th August 2010 Bullmeredith Irisha at Lyudzhen (Russian Champion & Junior Russian Champion & Champion of Belarus) took CAC, Best Bitch, CACIB & Best of Breed and is now a CHAMPION OF LITHUANIA. Congratulations AGAIN to Lyudmila at Lyudzhen Bullmastiffs, Russia.

Brook (Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith) was 1st in The Southern Bullmastiff Champion Show in Puppy Class















Just turned 9 months here

July 2010

Blossom took Best In Show at the British Bullmastiff League Open













Brook was also 1st MPB 

Danny just turned 7 years with Blossom.










Junior Handler British Bullmastiff League

June 2010

Bullmeredith Honour at Lyudzhen (Irisha) is now A CHAMPION OF RUSSIA!!

3 Counties Championship Show Bullmeredith Guess Who (Blossom) got Reserve BCC










1st Limit Bitch

Bullmeredith Honour at Lyudzhen (Irisha) is already a Russian Junior Champion, she had a very busy weekend 4/6th June! She now has 4 CAC's, 2 CACIB'S and is Champion of Belarus!!!!!!! Huge congratulations to the LYUDZHEN KENNEL!

Show Tuuri **BOS** for Bullmeredith Mr Potato Head - well done Paula!

May 2010

Bath CH Show Brook took 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch.

The Birmingham National Championship Show - Blossom 1st PGB and Brook 3rd MPB.

April 2010 Welsh & West Championship Show

Blos came 2nd in PGB and Brook (her 1st) show came 2nd in MPB, qualifying them for Crufts 2011. Brook also met her litter sister and had a play!











Brook aka Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith.

Brook meets litter sister Winnie

Photo by Sindre and Mary - thank you!








 Thank you Duncan for our fantastic Brook.

Bullmeredith Vega has gone to her new home in The Netherlands, she is very lucky to have found Peter & Mieke from Peaceful Giants. We were very happy to meet her new owners and also Marijn and Debbie from Nightshift Bullmastiffs. We hope Bullmeredith Vega now called Sky will bring you lots of happiness.











Photo by Debbie of Nightshift Bullmastiffs

Bullmeredith Vega with her new family and friends.








 Bullmeredith Lyra relaxing!

Blossom has her 1st CC!!!!!!! Hurray! 25th April 2010 at WELKS Championship Show













 Well done Rich & Blossom!

Bullmeredith Honour

Bullmeredith Honour was BOB breed in Speciality show in Russia and also became a Junior Champion - WELL DONE LYUDZHEN BULLMASTIFFS!!!!!!!!

Bullmeredith Mr Potato Head

Bullmeredith Mr Potato Head (Pottu) became a Champion in Finland today! YEEEEHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA!







 Many congratulations Paula and thank you for giving him a great home!

Zinneth's George (Bullmeredith Hungry Hippo) meets Blos again









Peas in a pod!

Bullmeredith Guess Who

British Bullmastiff League Championship Show












1st PGB

Hector Our Boy

DEVASTATED, SHOCKED and totally numb.....  RIP Big Man, our home feels very empty without you, what a gentleman you were, we all miss you forever.








March 2010

 Blossom came second in her class at Crufts.












Great day with lots of friends.x

January 2010

 Irisha 11 months.                                          

Bullmeredith Honour of Lyudzhen owned by Lyudmila in Russia took Junior and Best Bitch at Speciality Show, Moscow, and at a second show Best Junior again - hurray!
 Well Done AGAIN Lyudzhen Kennels!

Ferdhu Miss Taken (Brook) Arrived.

7th January Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith moved in!

We feel very honoured that Duncan from Ferdhu allowed us to have this beautiful addition to our family, she has settled in quickly and has a wonderful character, we all love her very much. THANK YOU DUNCAN!!!!

December 2009

Irisha (Bullmeredith Honour) took Junior CAC, Best Junior, Best Of Breed )) at the show Arta-Winter. Well Done all at Lyudzhen Bullmastiffs!!!!!!xx

November 2009

Northern CH Show Blossom 2nd YB, Ruby 2nd Special Brindle BitchRuby is a real credit to her owners so lovable/playful.

October 2009

Pottu (Bullmeredith Mr Potato Head) owned/shown by Paula took 2nd Best Male, ResCAC & CACIB at Seinajoki International this month!

WELLDONE!!!!!!!!!! He is such a handsome lad.

At 19 months he now has 3 CAC's & at least 2 CACIB's we know of.

Thank you Paula & Suvi for the wonderful photos and updates.

September 2009

Bullmeredith Honour (Irisha) owned by Lyudzhen Bullmastiffs won Best Puppy at the International Show in Moscow.


Very well done Lyudmila!


We are looking forward to hearing how Irisha does in the future.






Photo courtesy of Lyudzhen Bullmastiffs

Bullmeredith Honour of Lyudzhen

7 months old

Irisha at the International Show in Moscow.









Photo by Tatiana Sagalovskaya.

August 2009

At the Kauhajoki National Pottu took BOB and CAC

SKC Championship Show 2009 - Blossom

Bullmeredith Guess Who (Blossom) came 2nd, photos at SKC.







Relaxing and having fun on a beach near Edinburgh after show.

WKC Show 2009

Bullmeredith Guess Who (Blossom) placed 1st in Junior Bitch at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show.


Well done Blos & Rich!





 Soon to be out of the Junior Classes and in with the big girls!

July 2009

At Kokkola International Pottu took BOB CAC & CACIB - congratulations Paula!

June 2009

Bullmeredith Mr Potato Head (Pottu) took BOB and was awarded his first CC, aged 14 months, at Tuuri's National Show.


Well done to Paula, a great achievement!






Thank you Nina (Bullbugbear) for keeping us posted on his progress!

Three Counties Championship Show

Blossom came 2nd in Junior Bitch.








 Looking good!

April 2009

Bullmeredith Mr Potato Head aka Pottu took RES CC at his first show in Finland - well done Paula! Pottu is 13 months old here. 


Photo coutesy of Nina (Bullbugbear Bullmastiffs - Finland) THANKYOU!! 





Good luck with your future shows, he looks great!


ALSO Blossom came first at the Bullmastiff Association Champ show in the Junior Bitch Class.

March 2009 Crufts - Blossom

Crufts 2009 Sunday March 8th BLOSSOM WON BEST PUPPY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Judge Mr A Rostron (Graecia).



We are very proud of this achievement.









Her litter brother - Bullmeredith Hungry Hippo also got Res in Puppy Dog.


Well done Zinneth and George!

Manchester January 2009

Bullmeredith Guess Who (Hector X Siren) won Best Puppy in Breed at Manchester Ch Show 2009.









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