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Show Results

We don't get to as many shows as we would like due to our family commitments but we are very pleased with the results we have had. We would like to thank Janet & Alex (Flintstock), Bill & Fran (Bunsoro), Cathy & Paul (Stoneglad) & Lynn (Ferdhu/Ardhub) for the help and advice on showing they have given us and their continuing friendship and support.

If one of our dogs does not enjoy showing we never force them, our dogs are part of our family and we would never force them to do something they did not enjoy for our own gain.

Here are the results:-








Crufts 2009 Best Pup Bitch (Blossom) & Best Pup Dog.


Crufts 2011 Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith (Brook) 1st JB   What an eye catcher this young bitch is. She has a great head with dark eyes, neat ear carriage and a good mouth. Her front is strong and straight, with firm pasterns and tidy feet. She carried no excess weight but her substantial body was muscular as one would expect. She had good hindquarters and her movement was good.

The Northern Bullmastiff Championship Show 2010 Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith (Brook) 2nd JB  Young girl, just in to junior, she is square and substantial for her age, has good bone and spring to rib, level topline. Peter Myers (Optimus)

British Bullmastiff League Open 2010 Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith (Brook) *** Best Pup in Show*** A quality pup with all the advantages of an eleven month old in this classification and one I would expect to make an even bigger impact with the onset of maurity, very impressive, well proportioned head qualities, good bite and dentition and framed by a pleasing ear set, with a complementary expression that reflects her keen alert temperament, her construction is solid, sound and compact, her front is typically wide from a good width of chest, with pleasing angles front and rear ensuring a distinct turn of stifle, very well handled posed and on the move ...BPIS welll done Rich & Brook! Maurice Webb (Judge).

British Bullmastiff League Open Bullmeredith Guess Who (Blossom) 2nd LB Two year old and pushed the first very hard, showing a very typical brachycelphatic head type, very distinct and feminine, with evident balance between broad skull and strong muzzle, very strongly built with excellent size and substance, showing a pleasing definition to conformation, good angles front and rear, typical top line and complementary underline that is short coupled to a strong loin, strong quarters with a good width of thigh, comes together very well when gaiting.  Maurice Webb (Judge).

Midland Counties Championship (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st LB & ***Res Bitch CC*** - substantial red, good head type with plenty of work in it, great bone and substance, ecellent angulation, well ribbed, moved soundly but could have been more enthusiastic. Still had enough quality, type and soundness to win RCC and matched the CC winner well. Andrew Brace (Judge).

Driffield Championship Show (Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith) 2nd PB strongly made and close up, needs to settle in topline as a bit bum high at present. Attractive head and nicely proportioned throughout, went well. Mrs S Pollock-Yule (Judge)

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 2nd LB real heavyweight red, in superb condition, lovely head and eye, good mouth and chin, well made girl who is very sound. Just not quite so athletic going round. OK have to 100% disagree ha ha ha ha don't know a more athletic BM, that rippling muscle isn't stuck on! Mr D. Smith (Judge)

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show (Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith) 1st PB lovely front on this puppy, pleasing head type, good mouth and expression very well made all through & very well balanced, good mover. Mr D. Smith (Judge)

Southern Bullmastiff Championship Show (Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith) 1st PB 9 month old fawn bitch. Strong in head, very square but a little too masculine in appearance. Dark eyes, and correct dentition. Broad in muzzle. Well constructed with good front and rear angulation. Depth of chest reaching elbows and good brisket. Level top line. Barry Blunden (Judge)

Three Counties Championship Show 2010 (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st LB RCC Broad skull, good stop. Almond shaped eyes and good muzzle. Level strong back with plenty of depth and width of chest. Straight front and tight feet. Moderate rear angulation and well muscled thigh. Moved well but needs more enthusiasm. Mr D Webster (Judge).

National Working and Pastoral Championship Show 2010  (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st  LB. Red bitch, square from all angles, well proportioned head with good stop, dark eyes broad muzzle with good bite and dentition, strong neck, well laid shoulder, level topline, good spring of rib, well balanced rear quarters, covered the ground. Liz Pope (Judge).

British Bullmastiff League Open 2010 (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st LB, BB and ****BEST IN SHOW**** Homebred quality red with correct pigmentation, desired square head, not over wrinkled, broad muzzle and under jaw with well arched muscled neck flowing into well placed shoulders, stands on broad straight front with tight feet and dark ...toenails, has short back with powerful well developed hindquarters, moved out with desired drive and looked the part in profile, later was informed this girl has a CC and RCC to her credit this year, was well handled and moved as one round the ring, in lovely hard condition. BEST BITCH AND BEST IN SHOW. Miss P Clayton (Judge)

British Bullmastiff League Open 2010 (Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith) 1st MPB Appealing girl of 8 months, has head of good proportions, neat ear carriage, excellent bone with nice tight feet, reachy neck let into well laid shoulder complimented with well developed front, nice turn of quarters presented good easy movement, one with good overall balance. Miss P Clayton (Judge)

Bath Championship Show 2010 (Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith) 1st MPB 7 months fawn with good head, dark mask and excellent mouth. Short coupled with strong bone. Showed very confidently and moved well for one so young. Mr A Gunn (Judge)

The Birmingham National Championship Show 2010 (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st PGB Fawn (????) bitch of 2 years with nice typical head piece, short muzzle and good mouth with correct dentition and bite. This girl has a lovely forehand and excellent stong boned straight front legs, super shapely body, well sprung ribs and firm loin. She had a straight topline and pleasing profile outline. She set up and handled nicely and moved very well. Mr F Wildman (Judge).

Welsh & West Championship Show 2010 (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 2nd PGB Powerful girl. Very well proportioned head, excellent mask. Very well constructed body. Excellent character and presentation. Mr R Soulat (Judge)

Welsh & West Championship Show 2010 (Ferdhu Miss Taken of Bullmeredith) 2nd MPB (First Show, qualified for Crufts 2011)Puppy which is already well proportioned. Head well constructed but stop lacks a little definition. Excellent eye, both in shape and colour. Excellent body, bone, pasterns and feet. Excellent mask and coat. Mr R Soulat (Judge)

WELKS Championship Show 2010 (Bullmeredith Guess Who) BCC and 1st PGB Red, full of quality at just 2 years old, I see a promising future for this bitch, excellent head and dentition, strong reach of neck, well coupled shoulder and body line, straight topline even when moving, strong and angulated hind quarters, moved and showed well. Mr W Newton (Judge)

British Bullmastiff League Championship Show 2010 (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st PGB Very smart 2 year old red bitch in excellent condition, square skull and muzzle, excellent mouth and pigmentation, compact body, super bone and rib, good topline and angulation, moved well. Debbie Morgan (Judge)

Crufts 2010 (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 2nd YB  Strong, well boned, did everything she was asked to do,moved well, good head and ear placement, level bite, topline good, strong shoulders and straight back. Edna Evans (Judge)

Northern Bullmastiff Championship Show (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 2nd YB (Bullmeredith Kaleidoscope) 2nd Special Brindle Bitch Truly feminine bitch, very nicely proportioned, close to a finished picture already. Nice skull shape, ear and eye, short sufficient deep and wide muzzle. Angualtion front and behind balanced, nice ribs, tail set a bit too low, excellent underline, topline ok. Moves well. Bas Bosch (Judge).

Midland Counties Championship Show (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 2nd YB Nice head, good mask, nice dark ear, fair depth of chest and spring of rib, good topline. Moved OK. C. Quantrill (Judge).

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 2nd JB Feminine head, correct bite and good width of underjaw, correct outline, and well ribbed. Moved and handled well. Mr P. J. Harding (Judge)

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st JB   A smart red, feminine head but with good proportions, good arch to the neck, good topline, feet and legs good, moved OK. C.Jones (Judge).

Three Counties Championship Show (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 2nd JB  A well muscled bitch that's under jaw is quite wide, the skull tapers off and lacks the required width. Her bone is good and adds to the overall appearance in profile. She has substantial width to her body and a good temperament. Mr K G Frowen (judge)

Crufts 2009 Blossom (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st PB, Best Bitch Pup. A very appealing, red puppy. She has a feminine head, which is nicely balanced. Her front is straight and her feet tight, a deep brisket, well angulated shoulders, a level topline, ribcage extends well back and her hindquarters are good but would benefit from more second thigh. Movement was good.  A.Rostron - (Judge). 

Manchester Championship Show 2009 Blossom (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st PB, qualified for Crufts 2010, then went on to win Best Pup in Breed  Lovely red, with bone and substance. Very well put together for a youngster. Excellent head proportions with nice expression. She has good rear angulation and she moved very well. It will be interesting to see how she develops. I'd be happy to have her at home. Jan Webster - (Judge).

Bullmastiff Association Championship Show 2008 Blossom (Bullmeredith Guess Who) 1st MPB, qualified for Crufts 2009 - 8 month red/black muzzle, very feminine, developing nicely. Good head with correct ear carriage. Nice front assembly, good depth to body. Topline ok for age, good rear angulation. Moved well when settled, hope she goes on to fulfil this early promise. Albert Hope (Judge)

Northern Bullmastiff Championship Show 2008 Leland (Bullmeredith Big Red Fun Bus owned by Peakbull Bullmastiffs) 2nd MPD, qualified for Crufts 2009. 

Midland Counties Championship Show 2008 Red PB 3rd Qualified for Crufts 2009, Blossom MPB 5th and George (Bullmeredith Hungry Hippo owned by S & Z Gillett) MPD 2nd, qualified for Crufts 2009 - Angela McInnes (Judge) 6 months red, broad, well, developed skull, wide nostrils, well off for bone, correct angulations. 

Crufts 2007 Siren PGB 4th - Fran Harris (Judge).

Potteries Open Show 2006 Hector AVNSC PD 2nd. 

Driffield Championship Show 2006 Siren PGB 4th - Mr Tegwyn Jones (Judge). 

Stafford Open Show 2006 Hector PD 2nd & JD 2nd.

City of Birmingham Championship Show 2006 Siren GB 2nd - Elina Haapaniemi (Judge) Strong, powerful bitch. Nice bone, well bodied and moved soundly. 

 Southern Bullmastiff Society Championship Show 2006 Siren PGB 3rd.

British Bullmastiff League Open 2006 Siren PGB 1st - Steve Myring (Judge) 2 years, dark red, good mask, pleasent head, good tight feet, good in hocks, good shoulders, good depth of chest, strong bitch for age, on the move she had a spring in her step and very easy flowing movement and on the move a very balanced bitch. Hector 4th PD.

Leeds Championship Show 2006 Siren PGB 1st. 

 National Working and Pastoral Championship Show 2006 Siren PGB 1st - D. Higginson JNR (Judge) red with good head and front, well placed shoulders, strong hindquarters, moved well.

Birmingham National Championship 2006 Siren PGB 1st - Albert Wight (Judge) There were few more impressive on the move than this quality red bitch, excellent for size and substance, strong in neck, very well developed chest, good loins, head handles well, it is balanced, little wrinkle, and a lovely big nose with good jaw line. Complimented a good bitch line-up for the CC.......Not bad for her first show! Qualified for Crufts 2007.


Siren at her first show (Birmingham National) Albert Wight

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