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We would highly recommend Kate & Rich if you are considering a Bullmastiff as a pet or for showing. We are the proud owners of two of Kate & Riches dogs Bullmeredith Captain Rowlo aka Gus and Bullmeredith Twinkle Toes aka Rogue.
From our first correspondence we knew we had found the most genuine couple who are dedicated to breeding healthy, happy and well balanced dogs that have the most amazing temperaments. It was plain to see their love for the breed and what a huge part their dogs play in their family life, which was of paramount importance to us.
Having four  Bullmastiffs already we had a clear idea of what we were looking for and we cannot express how happy we are with both Gus and our new addition Rogue. Gus has had an amazing year in the showring here in Ireland, he is Top Winning Puppy in Breed 2013, Irish Junior Champion and qualified for Crufts 2014, he has won 1 CAC & 1 reserve CAC and a Puppy Group 2nd at the tender age of 14 Months. But more importantly he is a valued member of our family who has stole our hearts, we could have not wished for a more ideal addition to our family . So much so we now have our new addition the gorgeous Rogue here in ireland with us and cannot thank kate & Rich enough for this beautiful girl. She is everything we could have wished for and more. Already after just two weeks she has had a huge impact on our family, with her out going fun nature we are sure to have loads of fun with her.
We cannot express our gratitude enough not only do we have two beautiful dogs, we gained two amazing friends who we have the utmost respect for and who we hold in such high regard. They have gone above and beyond to help us and have made the whole experience a very pleasurable one.
Lisa & Seamus (Tarbhore Bullmastiffs)
We’ve always dreamed about the “Bullmastiff” and that dream became reality when Vito came to our home.
We already knew the race and had had other bullmastiffs, but in our hearts we waited for one of those dogs with such a special expression and genetics. And that’s the kind we wanted.
So we got to work and studied breeds until we found them. They were at Meredith’s, their welcomed was so delightful and we exchanged our experiences and above all we got to identify our ideas.
The Bullmeredith family advised and oriented us until we got the puppy best adapted to our expectations, so “Bullmeredith the Godfather” VITO came to our home.
From the firs moment, Vito impressed us with his character and expression, and although his growth has been slow, the final result is spectacular.
From his time with us, we’ve come to realize what a Bullmastiff really is, not just because of his results at shows (he’s won several CAC, CACIB and BOS), but because he’s the realization of the true Bullmastiff.
For all these reasons, we want to thank the Bullmeredith family, because they confided in us their legagy… Thank you.

Anna Moncusi  & Julia (Spain) & Antonio Donoso

What can I say……. Rich & Kate at Bullmeredith Bullmastiffs are simply the best!  Not only did we find our beautiful pup, Bullmeredith Jump For Joy (aka Lilly) but we also found two immensely knowledgeable, professional and supportive humans. Our families are from rural backgrounds so we have been brought up around animals.  Not being specifically from the dog world choosing a pedigree pet can be a stressful time, especially when you want so hard to get it right. After a long search we stumbled across Bullmeredith pups on the internet and with that found a breeder who was not prepared to ‘just sell us the dog’!  We were invited to visit and anxiously waited to find out if we were ‘suitable’ dog owners.  Thank goodness we passed otherwise we wouldn’t have found our wonderful guard/companion that has brought such joy into our family nor would we have found these two brilliant individuals.  Not only do Rich and Kate have such passion and depth of knowledge for their subject, their understanding of dogs commands a different level.  Always at the end of the telephone/email Kate offers a reassuring word and has shared both the highs and lows dog owning (I’m thinking specifically training here) can bring.

Thank you for your continued support. Helen Cope (07970 504630)


I highly recommend Bullmeredith. I am impressed by, and admire, their knowledge and care of their dogs, their approach to breeding, and especially their continued interest and help after I took my puppy (Boris) home. They gave me very good advice about selection and care of Boris that went way beyond my expectations and my experience with other breeders. Bringing a dog into a family should always be done with careful thought. Good breeding and initial care are so importanteven for dogs who will be pets rather than showdogs. Kate and Rich helped me enormously and I very much appreciate that help. It got Boris off to a very good start and he is proving to be a delight. He is everything that a good dog should be.
Dr B. L. Allman


I spent 3 weeks looking for a bullmastiff puppy and I am so glad I decided to get my boy George (Bullmeredith Hungry Hippo) from Kate & Rich from Bullmeredith. He is a beautiful gorgeous hunk with good bone structure and a lovely laid back temperament, what more can a family ask of it's best friend? George attended his first show on the 26th of October at the Midland Counties at Stafford and was placed 2nd in the minor puppy class and therefore qualified for Crufts. I must say that ever since the day I took George home, Kate & Rich have always been there for me, I find it hard sometimes to believe how much help and support they have given me, more than anyone could ever expect from a breeder. They are a wonderful couple which I have grown to love and respect, deservedly.

Mrs Z Gillett


We did an eight hour round journey from Kent to collect our pup from Kate and Rich and have been so pleased with Bullmeredith Awaiting Game aka Charlie Farley. He has a lovely affectionate nature, is well behaved, adores exercise, swimming and of course retrieving. We have never had any trouble with him, even the first night with us, he just settled down to sleep; we were amazed. What amazes us more is that he is not in the slightest bit greedy. Most labs we have had have shown an extremely keen interest in food, Charlie just eats his meals, doesn't hang around for them, and then gets on with life. We had very sound advice from Kate on feeding, and we were given some food to take home together with the crate that Rich had bought for us, so that we would have one to take with us. Kate has always been there for us with any queries we have had and even sent us a photo last Christmas of some of the other pups from his litter. We highly recommend Bullmeredith.

Gillian Lyons


As soon as we spoke to Kate on the phone when we first started looking for a pup, we knew we had found the one!!!  We didn't get to meet Archie, we had to make the decision over the phone, (due to living in Jersey), but we have been so happy with him, and Kate has been fantastic, particularly in the first few weeks when it's a bit like having a new baby and you need reassurance!!  Archie is just a fantastic dog and it's so great to keep in touch with his original family and relatives.   We have had a number of people asking about Archie's breeder and we hope to have some of Archie's relatives coming to live in Jersey also!!

E Pallot


We cannot recommend Kate and Rich highly enough in this testimonial.  Their devotion to their dogs, experience and expertise is very clear, and their service to us as purchasers of a puppy was, and continues to be, well in excess of what should be expected from a responsible breeder.

 We are absolutely delighted and smitten with our dog Bullmeredith Jovial Lad’ - Hoagy, bought in January 2008.  He is a stunning dog visually, and although still young, he is already very strong with endless stamina and energy.  He has proved to be very trainable, has a very affectionate temperament and is already an enormously integral part of our family.  He is intelligent, sociable and an attentive, loud guard whenever there is activity on the outside of our house boundaries.

 We have owned dogs previously, but Kate and Rich’s service and advice over the last 10 months has been invaluable and really does give you the feeling of being very well supported should you need it.

 I am more than happy to be contacted (number via Kate and Rich) should anyone wish to speak personally to us in this regard.



We were looking online for puppies, via Champdogs. We found Kate and Rich. Our first phone call took an hour as we just talked about the breed and how wonderful these dogs are. We had never bought a puppy before, and we were unsure if we could handle it.
We decided to visit Kate and Rich, just to talk to them and talk to somebody with that much experience. As we arrived we were greeted by mum to the pups, she is a wonderful dog. And of course, as soon as we saw the puppies, it was clear that we would not leave alone.

Thank you so much to Rich, who spent 3 hours talking to us, explaining everything, with so much patience and enthusiasm. We absolutely agreed on the theories of Ceasar Millan and we never had a behavioural problems.

We can only recommend Kate and Rich. They helped us with every little problem we had, and also with moving to Switzerland. We can call them anytime and we are still in frequent email contact.

Our boy is now 5 months old and he is everything we could ever hope for. Thank you so much for the extraordinary gift of a new member of the family.

Anett Rudolph, Switzerland


What can we say…..so impressed by Kate & Rich’s professional and caring approach to their dogs, but also ensuring that they place their puppies into good homes. We had previously had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who sadly died at a very young age with a heart defect, so we wanted to make sure we didn’t have to go through the grief of losing another dog in the same way, Kate was extremely understanding of this and had a vet check both of our girlies over and gave us in writing the piece of mind we needed at that time.

Our 2 pups, Betty & Wilma, they are so adorable, they are loving affectionate and very very loyal, we get very annoyed by the bad publicity that this breed get, as you get out what you put into it and boy do our 2 girlies give all of our family immense pleasure & joy, they are a huge part of our family and we all love & cherish them, we have never had a single problem with their temperament, same they are a credit to us and the breeders.

Kate has always been on hand if we have needed any information & advise and has always been happy to help, our girls are 5 this April and we can ‘t thank Kate & Rich enough for happy years we have had with them, would definitely recommend Kate & Rich as first class breeders.

Thank you both.

S. Hall


We were just randomly looking around for puppies in the United Kingdom and did find kennel Bullmeredith on the English Kennel club advice,
I remember that I did call them and speak with them for awhile,but they had never Exported a puppie before and they did first say No, but after some hour they did call me and say that they could Export a puppie to me in Sweden,Guess that I was happy my first Import and their frist Export so this was very special
We had good contact under the 8 weeks of development of our Puppie, we did get pictures and all kind of information.
This is over 3 years ago seems we did pick up our puppie but I do remember still when I did meet Katie and Rich on the airport that our Alma was the sweeties and smallest little puppie I ever had seen, And still she is the sweetiest stafford and our smallest in the high of 34 cm :-)
Under this 3 years have we always been in contact with each other and have been good friends, sending each other Christmas card with more
If you wanted any help or wondring about anything you always did get advice
I do recommend Katie and her Breed, And our Alma we cant be happier with her in the personality - Loving people so mutch
Mikaela Jansson Sweden - Staffordshire Bullterrier Breeder


We lost our beloved Jessie in June of last year at 14 1/2 years of age and although we could never replace her I knew that we needed to get another dog. When I set about the task of trying to find another dog I was surprised at how many different websites there were all advertising puppies. I trawled through all of the ads for weeks before I found an ad which I replied to. I was phoned back by Rich who had more questions for me than I did for him, which now I can understand why. This was to protect the puppies and make sure that we were suitable to give one of  puppietheir pups a good home. Our other dog was a rescue dog and had more
than her fair share of problems, but to my amazement Roxy is a very well balanced stable dog. From the beginning she slotted right in to our family as though she had always been there. I can only say that this is due to good breeding and being brought up properly from birth. I can honestly say I would be more than happy to recommend Kate & Rich and their dogs/puppies to anyone.  I have a 5 Year old son so obviously I had to take care introducing such a powerful dog into the family, but Roxy loves everyone and is a credit not just to me but to Kate & Rich also. I am considering getting another dog and obviously I would like another from Kate & Rich.   

S. Sharman


When we moved our family from on the edge of a town to the countryside I promised the family we could get the dog we had always wanted.  I was brought up with setters and I wanted to keep a larger breed that would be playful, loved exercise and was good natured with children and chinchillas in the house and surrounded by horses in our new home.  We searched for a long time and when we came across Billy at Kate and Rich's we knew straight away he was the right dog for us.  I was impressed by the way our circumstances were examined to ensure we were the right people to look after one of their dogs.
We can add with sincerity what a good choice we made.  Billy is a wonderful dog, attentive, obedient and sometimes boisterous, loves retrieving and an outstanding physical specimen.  He has grown to be an exceptional build, lean and strong, a key member of the family and a good working dog.  When we are looking for a partner for Billy our first point of contact will be Kate and Rich.
David Fox, Staffs, UK


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